Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Systems

VoIP and video phones to meet a range of needs


Bring together voice, video, and data into a single IP network to simplify management, lower IT costs, and support effective communications. A converged architectural approach uses a single enterprise-class communications platform to support network demands as well as new devices, applications, and cloud-based services.

Support Teleworkers
and Branch Offices

  • Remove geographical restrictions in endpoint location. Locate employees where they are most needed to support customers or where talent pools of specific expertise exist.
  • Reduce employee travel, real-estate costs, and greenhouse gas emissions by virtually meeting face-to-face with video.
  • Utilize office space more efficiently by creating flexible workspaces for employees who are not regularly in the office.
  • Help maintain communications security with a network-based foundation. Provide a highly secure environment and access to all the resources, applications, and high-quality video, voice, and data access that match what is available in corporate offices.

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